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About Us

The concept

Its fair, its simple….
  • provides a platform for showcasing your skills.
  • Employers bid on your hourly rate.
  • You work for the employer and get paid
  • The employer leaves feedback at for all to see
  • And the cycle is repeated
The aim to keep you in employment especially during these hard times and providing staff to businesses in a just in time way.

How you fit in

Are you:
  • •Unemployed
  • •Newly qualified
  • •Unfamiliar with the job market
  • •Fed-up of the knock backs
Do you:
  • •Want to take control
  • •Want to try something different
  • Then you are the perfect type of person who might benefit from

What we do is:
  • •Provide you with a means to showcase your skills
  • •Provide businesses with access to skilled staff
  • In a simple, fair and mutually beneficial way

How businesses fit in

In need of:
  • •Skilled staff
  • •An extra pair of hands
  • •Cant afford to take on permanent staff
  • •Or compiling a project team for a be-spoke project
Whatever your needs why not have a look at what has on offer as part of your recruitment options

How it all comes together

  • •Simply register at
  • •Specify your lowest hourly rate
  • •Copy and paste your CV
  • •Upload your picture
  • •State your conditions
  • •Pay any site fees due
  • •Simply register at
  • •Browse individuals testimonials, reputations ratings and even contact them
  • •Place a bid on their hourly rate, purchase at a buy out rate or make an offer
  • •To seal the deal pay the employee their first hours wage and any site fees due
  • •At the end of the placement leave feedback
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